Housing Program

Free On The Outside’s Housing Program

Finding housing is the number one need across America for the over 9 million people per year getting out of jail and prison. Often, they struggle alone in isolation without support, spiritual guidance, or accountability.

The need for programs like Free On The Outside who welcomes everyone is staggering. Lawmakers and the courts and every city in America struggle to look for solutions to the housing crisis across America.

In 2008 Free On The Outside Church and housing for men coming home from prison started by opening The Carriage House in Oregon City, Oregon.

Since 2018 Free On The Outside has open 21 new homes. We now have over 200 beds with houses for men, women, couples, and families. There are over 30 children in our family homes. This year we partnered with Xpose Hope to open a house for trafficked women and women coming out of the sex industry.

We are compelled by a unique calling and equipped by God to reach and provide for the least, the last, and the lost, including the modern-day lepers. Free On The Outside is prepared to take our program to the next level and continue expanding, to restore hope and rebuild lives.

We also offer housing to those graduating treatment programs ready for that next step in their recovery, those escaping domestic violence, parents working to get their children back, and even some who show up at our door right off the street who were told they could find help here! According to treatment providers, parole and probation officers, and those coming out of prison themselves, without housing, success is almost impossible.


Many are houseless and, on the street, due to their past.

  • Where can they go for support and community?
  • Where can they find recovery and redemption?
  • Where can they re-enter the community successfully?
  • Where can they find hope and a safe place to call home?

  • 9,641,000 are released from jail and prison every year.
  • Over 95% of prisoners are going to be released into their original communities.
  • The world says its ok that many of them end up houseless on the streets.
We believe this breaks God’s heart. IT’S NOT OK! Free On The Outside is calling the business community to partner with us. Together we have an opportunity to provide hope and offer solutions that can change people’s lives forever.